Newgate 50's 'Electric' Clock - Chrome


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The 'Electric' clocks have a style that never fails to deliver. They are one of the most recognised, iconic designs in the clock world. Back in their day, the originals would have been used in schools, factories and other public buildings. They would have been powered by mains electric back then too but who wants to see ugly wires reaching across to the nearest plug socket?! Nowadays, these clocks are battery powered so you can hang them wherever you like.

Iconic Newgate wall clock with metal case, chrome finish and glass lens

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  • Model Name GWL44PA
  • Function Quartz
  • Case size/diameter (mm) 37cm x 37cm x 10cm
  • Case material Metal - Chrome finish
  • Case Size 37cm x 37cm x 10cm
  • Dial Colour Cream
  • Dial Shape Round
  • Glass Glass